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Adrianne Palicki and Josh Peck have been added to the cast of MGM/United Artists’ Red Dawn remake. The two will play teenage insurgents in a “revamped” version of the 1984 story where a small town is invaded by Chinese and Russian forces.

The “Wolverines” (their high school mascot, not the disappointing Hugh Jackman movie) are led by a Marine named Jed Eckert (the previously announced Chris Hemsworth), a role that helped make Patrick Swayze a star. Peck has signed to portray Jed’s younger brother Matt, a hot headed football quarterback (the part was originally Charlie Sheen’s first movie). Palicki is Toni, a timid girl who turns into a tough fighter and the love interest of Jed (formerly Jennifer Grey). Entertainment Weekly has a deeper breakdown of the characters in basically a Powerpoint presentation in case you’re interested.

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