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- Posted on March 16, 2010

Finally got around to adding Adrianne from her role as Holly Rocket in Women In Trouble. I loved this movie, really it was hilarious and I typically do not like comedy type films.

- Posted on March 1, 2010

I found a nice, clear copy of Legion that I have capped and added to the gallery as well as added stills, posters and the wallpaper featuring Adrianne to the gallery. And just to mix things up? I added a promotional poster shoot from Friday Night Lights season 3 to the gallery as well! Next […]

- Posted on February 26, 2010

Thanks to Lisa we now have Adrianne’s newer shoot to the gallery! They’re medium quality but I still love them. I smell a new gallery theme in the near future.

- Posted on January 28, 2010

Despite the bad reviews of Legion it clinched the number two spot! I saw it and it was very different and I enjoyed it, even if it hadn’t had some of my favorite people in it (Adrianne, Willa, Paul and Kevin) I would have still enjoyed it. I thought the plot was refreshing. You know […]

- Posted on October 8, 2009

Thanks to Deko, I have some images from a lovely shoot Adrianne did to promote Legion with Paul Bettany. Also, I finally added screencaps from 7 Mummies. She wasn’t in this movie too terribly long (not to mention it’s a movie I really have no inkling to watch. Ever again. Even for Adrianne) So enjoy […]