The actress from Friday Night Lights and next year’s Red Dawn (the tall one) gets you in the Christmas spirit

The Joke:

Three men wait at the gates of heaven on Christmas Eve. They’re told they have to present a Christmas gift to get in. The first man checks his pockets and finds pine needles from his family’s tree. He’s allowed in. The second hands over a bow and some ribbon. He’s allowed in. The third man pulls out a pair of panties. “How do those represent Christmas?” St. Peter asks him.

“Oh,” the man replies, “they’re Carol’s.”

About the Jokester:

Adrianne Palicki is tall. Five feet eleven inches, to be exact. And while that might not have hurt her ability to pose on ottomans, it wasn’t much help in her career: “I couldn’t get jobs. I’d do the hip lean and practically walk in barefoot.” She didn’t fool anyone, but she did eventually start getting work. Lots of it — as Tyra Collette, the tall, wrong-side-of-the-tracks blond on Friday Night Lights, and as the tall brunette on the short-lived Fox series Lone Star. Palicki, 27, has also been in movies like Legion and Elektra Luxx, and next year she’ll star in a remake of the ’80s classic RedDawn. She’ll be the tall one.


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