“Lone Star” was #1 on the USAtoday.com list of “10 best new shows”!

1. Lone Star
Fox, Mondays, 9 ET/PT, premieres Sept. 20

It’s not your daddy’s Dallas.

Not that there aren’t similarities. Like that iconic prime-time soap, Lone Star lays bare the internal warfare of a Texas oil clan. But in place of Larry Hagman’s outsized, fun-to-hate J.R., you get baby-faced schemer Bob Allen, a ready-to-reform con man played by solid-gold newcomer James Wolk.

All Bob wants is to settle into his fake tycoon life and be a happy family man. But he has too many families: There’s his real-life dad (David Keith), a con artist who expects his son to keep following in his footsteps. There’s his Houston oil family, anchored by his wife (Adrianne Palicki) and her dad (Jon Voight). And there’s the new family he’s thinking of forming for himself out in west Texas.

For the complicated pilot plot to pay off, we have to invest in Bob — and Wolk makes it easy, sucking us into Bob’s delusion that he can make everyone happy. That good a performance may just make Wolk a TV star, and Star a TV hit.

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